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I got home late last night, just in time to leave again tomorrow for our family's Thanksgiving trip. My plan is to be productive on the car ride. I'm bringing a notebook and writing. Or doing my best to. I've got a bunch of stuff on my "to do" list that I really need to work on. Flashfic. Secret Santa fic. Request drabbles/ficlets. True, I've been busy/away a lot the past month & a half, but I haven't done much of anything, writing-wise, in that time either, and that vexes me.

In more adorable news, my mom and dad got a new puppy two weeks ago. He's a Labrador, about eight weeks old now, and they named him Tucker. I made sure to take pictures, because puppies=cute.

Here's the part when I pic!spam.

The pup:

Eating a shoe. Yum, shoe.

And helping my dad watch tv.

And then there is this little video of him going down the front steps. (Quicktime, ~1MB) He learned how to go up the stairs pretty quickly, but he was scared to go down and would just sit and cry for someone to rescue him. I spent a bunch of time when I was home last weekend teaching him how it's done. Now he's almost a pro.

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of what I think is the cutest thing ever. All the kittens have been sleeping in his doghouse with him, in a big pile of adorableness. I suppose it's warmer that way.

Okay, I'll try and catch up with the friends list, but Livejournal is being very slow and wonky. And I don't think it's emailing me my comments, either. Lame. Anyway, if I miss anything important, let me know.
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