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Aaahhhh, Koukou Debut 37: soooooo goood. OMG. Asaoka. ♥ I'm glad the scanlations are coming out semi-regularly again. I uploaded it a while ago, if anyone's curious. Really can't recommend it enough. It's so adorable and sweet and funny with great characters. My favorite shoujo by a long shot.

I'm totally loving the Baccano! OVA too. This is the kind of series that makes me wish SO HARD I knew Japanese, because I want to be able to read it in the original language. I want them to keep making anime, because it is amazing and the cast is pretty awesome.

I finally have Crisis Core, after waiting a bazillion years for it because one of my friends bought it as a late birthday present and then NEVER GAVE IT TO ME. But for some reason or other, the game that I can't stop playing lately is, of all things, Jewel Quest for the DS. I actually kind of feel guilty about that. Like, I feel like, I have Persona 3 FES or Crisis Core I should be playing! Stop playing Jewel Quest! But that is sort of dumb, too. I mean, I shouldn't feel guilty about it. It's not an obligation; it's supposed to be for recreation. I think my brain just likes to come up with exciting new ways to make me crazy.
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