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I am feeling quite heroic, because I rescued a baby bunny today. Last night I heard some scratching at my bathroom window before I went to bed. Today I looked outside and saw a bitty little bunny huddled in one corner of the window well. (My cat also had to take a look, and proved to me that she is indeed a huge chicken, because apparently the sight of that little rabbit was just too terrifying for her to bear.) The window well was far too deep for it to get out on its own, so I went outside with a shoebox and coaxed it inside, then lifted it out and waited for it to hop out of the box and away. Seeing it makes me miss having a pet rabbit, which I haven't for years. Not exactly feasible with my little apartment and my cat, anyway.

Finished a few more requests.

For indefiance:

I hope you like this!

Title: Together
Rating: PG
Genre: romance/drama
Word Count: 167
Notes: Draco/Cho, written for indefiance.

Draco can’t understand how they got to this point, but he knows he doesn’t want it to end. That scares him, a little.

“What was it like with Potter?” He doesn’t know why he asks the question; he'd take it back if he could, but it’s too late to undo it now.

She muses silently for a moment, her mouth looking particularly enticing as, deep in thought, she wets it with the tip of her tongue. “Harry is...” She trails off, as if not sure how to finish.

He feels a sneer come unbidden to his face and when he speaks, his voice is crawling with contempt. “Perhaps you’d rather I was Potter.” He regrets it instantly and braces himself for an angry rebuke.

Cho only gives a hollow laugh and shakes her head. She brings her hand to his chin and turns his face toward her own, till at last their eyes lock. “Harry,” she says, “is still just a boy,” and she kisses him with fire.

And for nesslyquik:

Hope you enjoy this!

Title: The Wonders of Modern Conveniences
Rating: PG
Genre: general/humor
Word Count: 367
Notes: Kagome + Ginta & Hakkaku, written for nesslyquik.

They were fighting. Again.

Not that it wasn’t expected. In fact, Kagome half-thought if there ever came a time when Inuyasha and Kouga met and didn’t immediately begin exchanging insults and throwing punches, she’d faint dead away. She’d learned from experience that it was better to just let them have at it for a while before trying to break them up.

It seemed Ginta and Hakkaku agreed with her. The two wolf youkai were taking the opportunity as a much-needed break to catch their breath. Both of them were collapsed against a large rock, still panting from the challenge of keeping up with Kouga. Kagome made a concentrated effort to ignore the shouts of “dog-crap” and “wolf bastard” and other, less delicate invectives, instead turning to Kouga’s subordinates with a smile. “Would you two like something to drink?”

The answer was enthusiastic and immediate, as both nodded vigorously.

Kagome unzipped her backpack, secured to the rack on her bicycle, and fished around inside until she found two bottles of juice. She held them out, looking apologetic. “It’s kind of warm. Sorry.” Ginta and Hakkaku shook their heads in unison as they took the proffered bottles.

“That doesn’t matter, nee-san.”

“Thank you, Kagome-nee-san!”

Both took long drinks, looking extremely grateful for the refreshment. After he finished taking a swig, Hakkaku poked curiously at the tire of Kagome’s bicycle and looked up. “What exactly is this thing, nee-san?”

Ginta nodded. “Yeah, sometimes we see you pushing it along by those handles. It’s some kind of cart, right?”

“Oh? It’s my bike.” She thought for a moment, trying to think of how best to explain. “I ride it on long trips, so I can go faster and keep up with Inuyasha and Kirara. It’s easier to ride than walk.” She swung a leg over and slipped her feet onto the pedals, riding around in a circle to demonstrate. “This way I don’t get tired so quickly.”

Hakkaku looked to Ginta and his friend returned the look. Both then glanced at their leader, then back to Kagome. It seemed they’d had the same thought.

“Say, nee-san--” Ginta began.

Hakkaku interrupted, finishing: “--do you know where we could get some ‘bikes,’ too?”

If all goes well I should have a few more done by the end of the weekend.
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