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Look out, she's talking about menstruation!

So, on my heavy flow days, tampons are useless. Pads are annoying and cumbersome and I am just sick of them. I am really thinking about trying a menstrual cup. It would appear the best options are either the DivaCup or the Keeper. Any of the lovely ladies on my friends list (come to think of it, do I even have any guys on my friends list?) have recommendations either way? Or maybe some other magical product I may not have heard about?

I feel I have been hideously non-productive the past couple weeks. I was feeling burned out, I guess, but for no particular reason. Just very meh and uninspired about nearly everything. Still am, somewhat. I love the theme for iyfic_contest this week, but I'm first of all not sure the idea I have will fit well enough (technically it's more of a choice between "bad" and "bad," rather than "bad" and "good") and secondly I fear it's really just sort of melodramatic anyway. So...I guess I'll see about that. Have managed to come up with an idea I like for the "home" theme in iyfic_challenge; now I just need to find time tomorrow to write it properly. It could be a delicate thing. It's on the depressing side, probably.

Other things that need doing soon:
-read & comment on comm entries
-finish FMA/Gargoyles crossover request for sky_dark
-finish my chapter on the joint story project before the others decide to get together and lynch me
-perhaps start actually writing that Kagome/Kikyou one-shot that's been kicking around in my head?
-more request ficlets, should inspiration strike

Okay, time for bed.
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