prpl pen (prpl_pen) wrote,
prpl pen

So, I did manage to hear a clip of dub!Jakotsu. Eh, not impressed, but I seem to be in the minority in that I didn't absolutely love the original seiyuu in the first place. While I like Orikasa Ai, I never for a moment bought her Jakotsu performance as male, even an effeminate one. Still, the dub VA doesn't even seem to be trying to sound male at all, at least in that clip (though I'm not hearing the British). Not that it matters much, as I lack Cartoon Network and won't be watching the dub. Just had to sate my curiosity.

I was going to go into Part Twelve of my annoyance at being really dissatisfied with nearly everything I write lately, but...meh. At least I'm writing, if only a little. This is a vast improvement from where I was last year. Instead, I'll just wait impatiently to see the new IY chapter. Say what you will about filler & such, but I think the random little "Inuyasha in Kagome's time" chapters are fun stuff.

I also caved in and bought a paid account for livejournal. Now I need to get into the habit of using more than just my default icon all the time. In fact, I need more icons, period. Hmm.
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