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The weekend was nice. My dad & brother have gone on their annual fishing trip to Canada, so my mom was by her lonesome. I came down to keep her company for a few days. We road-tripped on Saturday to visit my sister in Brookings and Sunday we just rented some movies. So I've finally seen Finding Neverland. Liked it. (Also House of Flying Daggers, which was very pretty, but otherwise not that great.)

Once again I didn't read or vote in the contest comms. I suppose I was gone. I just don't want it to become a habit. I'll try to write something drabbly this week, but so far I'm not sure what. "Pet peeves" is stumping me. No new theme yet in iyfic_challenge? Never mind, it's been posted since I last checked. ...I should probably try to do something for Inuyasha Issekiwa, since I usually forget about it.

Yes, this is for a fanfic.

What would a typical (commoner, not upper class) wedding have been like in Feudal era Japan? Is it a big deal, large gathering & celebration sort of thing? If so, is the ceremony itself a big deal? Or is the fuss saved for a feast/party situation afterwards? Who would officiate the ceremony? What would the ceremony entail, basically (exchange of of gifts, vows, anything like that)? ...And other random questions along those lines.

I've tried some googling, but I'm not really finding what I want. Hopefully, since most on the friends list are Inuyasha people, someone will have some answers, or can point me to a good source or two?

ETA: Oh, and I forgot to mention: one of my friends thinks my Inuyasha obsession is endearing or something, and in order to encourage it, bought me a Sesshoumaru action figure. Yay! My first bit of Inuyasha merchandise!
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