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I fell asleep at like 10 pm last night. This only seems really unusual when you take into account the fact that my normal bedtime on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings is more like 4 or 5 am. I dunno. I didn't feel tired or anything, but I was reading and next thing I knew, I was dozing off. Odd.

Okay, I was semi-productive today. I managed a drabble, at least. Not sure how I feel about it, but at least I wrote something. I still need to come up with something for the Yahoo group. The "summer" theme I will probably skip; not sure yet about "wish."

Well, so much for my resolution not to do a bunch of memes in here. They suck me in.

Tagged by lalieth.

Things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level? Make a list, post it to your journal... and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs.

- reading (especially nostalgic favorites or YA lit)
- doing crafty crap (I make soap & candles, sew, crochet...lately I am trying to master knitting)
- taking a long soak in the tub with bubble bath and a good book (at least when I still had a bathtub, *sob*)
- masturbating (it helps me relax before bed)
- playing video games (I'm pretty exclusively an RPG girl)
- lying in bed and petting my cat (just very calming)
- watching one of my favorite "comfort movies" (many of which are really depressing or incredibly silly, go figure)
- sometimes art or writing (but half the time it ends up making me more frustrated than I was to begin with, alas)

I'm not tagging anyone. Take it if you want it.

How Well Do You Know Your FList?
Answer from memory, no looking at user info!

- is the oldest person on your friends list? Not sure. I think sky_dark? (pleasedon'thitme)
- is the youngest? Hmm. Really not sure on this one. seaouryou?
- lives closest to you? Probably either kokoro_no_yami or numisma
- lives farthest away? hallowd, I think.
- has a birthday closest to you? I think hardlyfatal is in November as well.
- has been on LJ the longest? Absolutely no clue.
- knows you best? Uhm. I haven't been around for very long.

- married? a_hollow_year, kokoro_no_yami
- engaged? Not that I know of...
- have kids? sky_dark has a son. kokoro_no_yami has kidlets.
- have pets? lots of people. the_firefly has two dogs & a cat. haro has hamsters. numisma has rats. More I am forgetting.
- have siblings? Ugh, drawing a blank. kawaii_chica. And indefiance has a brother, I think? Unless I am completely mixed up. Highly likely.
- an only child? No clue.
- in high school? Uhm. Well adesso just graduated.
- in college? reiku
- bilingual? _midoriko_sama_, hallowd
- left-handed? numisma

I feel like I had something else I meant to write about, but it's gone now. Hooray for my Teflon brain. Nothing sticks.
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