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It's stopped raining, for the first time in, uh...a week? I think the flowers I planted drowned.

No plans to do any drabbles this week, though I might work on a one-shot for the "fate" theme in iyfic_challenge. (If I decide my idea isn't too lame.) I think I'm going to try to be more diligent about finishing up request ficlets, and possibly work more on a non-challenge-related one-shot I've been fiddling with. I'm happy though, because I think my little spell of extreme writer's block is over. (Watch, now I'll have jinxed it by saying that.)

1. Apparently I was a twelve-year-old boy today, because I when I saw the title all I could think was " 'The Second Head'?!? haha, whatever!" Then this goofy mood carried over and made me laugh at a bunch of random stuff, like Nikosen's head flying ("heh-heh-heh!") on the first page. I expected him to say, "wheeeee!" (Also, the Nikosen totally gave Inuyasha a hickey.)

2. I was glad Kagome used her arrows. I was even gladder Shippou used his fox magic to good purpose, because how often does that happen?

3. Okay, but what I don't get is, why would Inuyasha's fire-rat robes stop working because he's human? He's slapped it on Kagome a few times and it's always worked while she was wearing it. Otherwise, uhm, she'd probably be dead a few times over.
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