prpl pen (prpl_pen) wrote,
prpl pen

Long before I discovered Inuyasha, I was a huge Gargoyles fan. (Still am. Check out the icon the_firefly made me! *glee*)

Anyhoo. I saw that OTP meme thing in moonphased's journal and she had both Elisa/Goliath & Inuyasha/Kagome on there. It started me thinking about some similarities between the two shows. And I promptly got carried away. So, I present to you:


Separated at birth?

Let's go down the checklist.

Have we got a non-human lead male with extraordinary fighting ability and long, luxuriant hair?

(...though, occasionally, said lead male actually is human?)

Hmm. Did said lead male happen to take an unusually long nap (and get covered with vines in the process)?

Moving on. Is there a human female lead & love interest?

Is said female lead rather handy with a projectile weapon?

Does said female lead have a tendency to hitch a ride on the male lead?

Right then. How about a beautiful, undying ex-girlfriend with a tragic past?

A nemesis with a major talent for manipulating people?

A morally ambiguous brother who's missing a body part or two?

An older mentor-type with an eye injury?

What about a fox character?

...Um, yeah. That one's a stretch.

Finally, are there interspecies make-outs?

In conclusion: I was bored.

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