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First off, admire the other lovely icon the_firefly made me.

Then, the post proper: my cousin got married over the weekend and a good time was had. They had a nice little outdoor ceremony at his parents' farm and most of the family was there. He's the first one of us cousins to get married, so there was the whole "the kids are growing up!" thing going on with the older folks. After the ceremony, there was a reception and dance in one of the machine sheds. heh. The dance was terrific fun, though I am a bit sore today. Dancing almost non-stop for 6-7 hours (barefoot) on a cement floor will do that to you, I suppose, especially when you haven't been out dancing in a while.

The craziest thing is, when the bride tossed her bouquet, guess who caught it? Yeah. It sailed right for me; I just had to reach into the air and pluck it. I have no prospective spouses, though. *ponders*

Something that sucked recently was that the hot water stopped working right before I left for the weekend. I thought, 'well, no problem. I can still take a shower, even if it's not warm.'

Never again.

The thing is, it wasn't just "not warm." I could have handled not warm. It was cold. Really, really cold. I was trying to rinse the shampoo out of my hair and could barely breath. Thankfully, when I got back today, there was a note about it being fixed.

Lately, I've had the will to write, but not really the time. Also, I think getting into drabble-writing is spoiling me for longer stuff, because work on the longer pieces I've been tinkering with has just been going at a crawl. And considering that I am not that fast a writer anyway, it's a very slow crawl. Waahh.

I also forgot to vote again in drabble comms, because I suck. :P
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