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Back from a nice little mini-vacation. I got to see a lot of my friends from school who were all back in my hometown for the 4th. Some I haven't seen in years. It was almost a high school reunion, except, you know, only people I like.

Part of me wants to do something Sango-centric for the "strength" drabble theme in iyfic_challenge: emotional strength, etc. Except that I don't really have a solid idea. It's more like I just thought, hmm, Sango is like my favorite character and yet I never write about her. I should. So I'm holding out for actual inspiration just now.

I've been working on my as-of-yet-untitled, non-contest one-shot today. I half feel like I should be working on request fics, but this idea is getting pretty restless in my head, so I suppose I must follow the inspiration. Sadly, it's still giving me terrible trouble. Despite originally intending to write it in a straightforward manner, it feels more natural when writing to let it slip into present tense and unfold in a rather disjointed fashion. This could work. Or maybe it's just a mess. I'm not sure yet. It also seems like it might turn out a good deal shorter than I initially envisioned. Hmm. If I ever manage to complete the first draft, I'll probably beg for a beta or two to let me know if it sucks or whatever.

I worry too much about odd little details like this, I know. But I must ask. I haven't seen a big chunk of the manga and I know there are small changes and big bits of filler added to the anime. When has Kikyou actually touched Kagome? Most especially (clay) skin to skin? I'm not exactly asking for a numbered list of every such occurrence. Just, is there a very clear instance of this happening? Something that, if it was referenced, an audience would be apt to remember without too much trouble? ...I'm not sure it's really that important, but I like to be over-prepared, I suppose.

I did finally get to see Howl's Moving Castle in the theatre. So pretty. Seeing all the little detail clearly on the big screen was just wonderful. I thought most of the cast was fine, too, save for Billy Crystal (who wasn't awful, just annoying. I admit a bias there, as he usually rubs me the wrong way in anything, but I didn't like hearing him do his same old shtick for Calcifer.) I really hope that as a result of this movie, more people decide to check out DWJ. She is just awesome and deserves more love.

That reminds me, I had the library order a copy of Conrad's Fate back in May and I still haven't heard from them if it's in yet. I'll have to see what the status is on that, because my Howl!love, while formidable, pales in comparison to my Chrestomanci!love.
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