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A twofer!

Happy birthday, ariyanaforever & aoi_tsuki1!

For ariyanaforever:
I hope you like it!

Title: The Difference
Rating: PG
Genre: introspective/drama
Word Count: 443
Notes: Kagome + Kikyou interaction, for ariyanaforever

People had often said they looked alike, but Kagome could never quite understand how anyone could mistake her for Kikyou.

Not just physically (though, Kagome thought with a twinge, Kikyou is prettier than me, too), but in the way they acted, the way they held themselves. Kikyou was just so collected and bore herself in a way that was much more, well, grown-up. And she had much greater control over her spiritual powers, making Kagome felt like an amateur in comparison.

Now, standing face-to-face in the aftermath of a small battle, Kagome felt these impressions welling up again. If Kikyou hadn’t happened along when she did, Kagome, on her own, may have been overwhelmed by the group of attacking youkai.

The two regarded one another for a moment without speaking, the only sound Kagome’s quick breathing and the beating of her heart, so loud to her ears she felt sure Kikyou must hear it as well. Kagome bit her lip. After all, she supposed Kikyou didn’t have a heartbeat–did she? And how must that be? Her insecurities temporarily forgotten, Kagome allowed herself a moment to consider the lot of the undead miko.

Kikyou gave her an inscrutable look. “You’ve gotten quite good with the bow,” she said, inclining her head slightly.

“Oh?” Kagome not expecting the compliment, took a moment to recover. “Thank you. I’ve, um, gotten a lot of practice lately. Practical practice.” She gave Kikyou the best smile she could, though she thought it probably looked a bit unnatural nonetheless. “I’ll never be as good as you, though....” She trailed off, stifling a wince as the double meaning of those words came back to her. “Anyway, Inuyasha and the others do most of the fighting, usually. I’m more like...backup.” Stop talking, Kagome. Just. Stop. Talking.

Kikyou was still regarding her silently. Just when the quiet was becoming unbearable, she spoke, her voice soft. “I think you are more important that you realize.” She hesitated and, for just a moment, Kagome thought Kikyou looked as young and uncertain as she herself felt. “I hope, one day, you come to understand that much.” A pained look flashed over Kikyou’s face, gone so quickly Kagome wasn’t certain she didn’t imagine it.

Then Kikyou turned away, striding over the bodies of slain youkai, disappearing as suddenly as she had come.

Kagome paused for a little while to listen to the beating of her heart. Then, feeling oddly calm, yet filled with a nameless sorrow, she began back in the direction of the campsite. Her friends would be waiting for her.

In the growing darkness, she cast one last look over her shoulder, but Kikyou had vanished completely.

And, for aoi_tsuki1...uhm. Here's a picture of a bear riding a motorcycle:

"That bear is pretty good."
"Pigs are smarter than bears, but they can't ride motorcycles."

Don't eat too much cake! ♥
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