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Yuck, I just feel 'bleah' today. Not sick, exactly, but achy and logy and generally just wish I could go back to bed. There will be none of that, though, since I have to go to work soon. sigh.

I'm hoping to finish an alternate reality entry for iyfic_contest. The idea is there, it's just getting it all down in time that's the tricky part. Also have vague, vague, very vague notions about the "magic" theme for iyfic_challenge. I haven't written anything for that comm in a while, so it might be nice. Then again, I am also taking up a chunk of time re-reading the first five Harry Potter books, because HP6 is almost upon us and I am a nerd like that.

I'm just twitchy lately, more so than usual. I'm having enormous problems sitting still and doing anything for very long. So, I'm flitting around; read for a while, try to draw, try to write, watch an ep of Bleach (on hardlyfatal's recommendation), poke around on LJ, knit a few rows, pick up in the apartment a little...essentially, doing a lot of different things but not accomplishing much on any of them.
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