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Is Livejournal acting up today or what? I've noticed quite a few comments I've left have disappeared (some which have since mysteriously reappeared, some which are still MIA). Weird.

Last week I purposely took this afternoon off because I wanted to have time to go bike riding. So, of course, it's raining now. *headdesk*

Some thoughts on Bleach:

I was enjoying this from the beginning, but at some point--I'm not exactly sure where--I went from, "this is a fun show" to "eee, I think I love this!" The sort-of-political intrigue in Soul Society sealed the deal, I think. I've watched up to episode 41. (I think I'm caught up, as far as the anime goes; I have scanlations up to chapter 160 or so but haven't read them yet.) I also now have mild-to-moderate crushes on probably half the cast. :P

Not all of Soul Society makes sense to me, though. Perhaps this will be explained better in the manga, or later on in the anime. What confuses me is: okay, when someone dies, their spirit is sent to Soul Society, correct? So I assumed the population there is made up of those people who have died and been sent on. And at first I thought the Shinigami were separate types of beings...whatever. Then there were flashbacks and it seems like they recruit Shinigami from the general populace. So, they were once people on Earth, who died? Also, there is the business of showing Rukia and others when they were younger. So, even though they are dead, they age? Then what happens when they get really old? Do they die again? Get sent back to Earth, like a reincarnation thing? Go somewhere else, another place after Soul Society? For that matter, what happens to the Shinigami who die or get killed?

Maybe I'm just over-thinking and making things needlessly complicated. I have a tendency to do that. I would like to see this explained, though. Hopefully it is and I just haven't seen it yet.

ETA: My car just got backed into. The guy was at least decent enough to come and tell me. It's just a little dent, though, so I don't really care. I was afraid of, like, broken headlights or something more serious.

ETA again:
Your Amazing Yoda Sex Line

"Do me or do me not - there is no try."

Hee. Oh my.
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