prpl pen (prpl_pen) wrote,
prpl pen

shameless begging post

Okay, I know I have a bunch of talented icon makers on my friends list. Anyone feel like making me some icons to fill out my slots? Pretty please? In particular, I want a happy/excited one, preferably with "glee!" on it somewhere, but most anything related to stuff on my interests list is good. I just prefer to have unique icons, I guess (I am a beautiful snowflake, dammit!), and my own skillz are pretty well non-existent.

I got my assignment for iy_flashfic. I'd actually forgotten that those were to be mailed out today. While previously I was just excited to find out who I was writing for, now I'm also deathly curious about who got my request. Which is a big part of the fun, of course. Except that I am impatient and at the moment feel that waiting a whole month to find out will surely kill me. Kill me, I say. ...Actually, I'm mostly just concerned that I come up with something decent and non-disappointing for my assigned person. Writing for other people is exciting, but also added pressure. *puts on thinking cap*

I am still having a problem with disappearing/reappearing comments. bleah.

Now I'm off to the library to pick up Conrad's Fate, which apparently they just got in. Yay.

ETA: This always happens. I go in meaning to get one, just one specific book, and yet manage to leave with an armful (which, incidentally, makes it hard to ride bike). Stupid, sexy library.
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