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Oh, keen. I got an email informing me that one of my fics got nommed for something at IYFG. I am terribly flattered. And I'll have to remember to vote in at least some of the categories this quarter. *totally forgot last time*

Ha, so I was planning on trying to smack my drabble idea for iyfic_challenge into submission on Friday night/Saturday morning, but then I saw the deadline was extended so I decided procrastination was a better plan. I win. But since yesterday was the first Saturday I've had off in a long time (at least a month or two; it all blurs together), it was nice to just relax and do fun stuff.

Now I'll probably be going to the Twin Cities tomorrow night real reason. Just to hang out with my family a bit. My mom is dropping my sister off at the airport early Tuesday morning, so she asked if I wanted to tag along. I'm not sure exactly what we'll do yet while we're there, but it should be fun. I'll surely swim in the hotel pool. It's pretty sad; I've only been swimming once this summer. There are no lakes within biking distance and I am not fond of the public pools, so never go there. I prefer lakes to pools any day, but at least the indoor hotel ones aren't usually so skanky.

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