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prpl pen


19th June, 2005

12:12 am: Ugh. So tired. I worked an eleven hour day today and I'm doing the same tomorrow. It actually went by relatively fast, but I was annoyed because I was hoping things would be slow enough so I could write a bit. No such luck. Oh well. I do need the money.

And I've just realized that my cousin's wedding is in one week and I haven't even begun sewing my dress. I'll need to find time to do that during the week. It shouldn't take too long really, but...ugh. I should have planned that better.

I did write something for Inuyasha Issekiwa at the last minute, making a liar of myself after saying I wouldn't do any drabbles this week.

For my own convenience, a list.Collapse )

And now, bed.

Current Mood: tiredzonked
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