November 25th, 2008

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Have a random meme I stole from xredribbon:

List the first ten eleven series that come to mind. Your friends will comment with the character from each series that they think you are most like. (Remember this is who I'm most like, not favorites!)

1 - Bleach
2 - Kekkaishi
3 - One Piece
4 - Avatar: The Last Airbender
5 - Claymore
6 - Fairy Tail
7 - Gintama
8 - Mahou Sensei Negima
9 - Ouran High School Host Club
10 - Harry Potter
11 - Baccano!


The meme was partly me being curious, partly me needing an excuse to post so I could say

Sign up for a holiday card.

I'll probably be starting on them soon, so please comment if you want one!