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Phone Post: Purple Pen's first phone post ^ ^

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“Hey there. It's Jessie, aka purple pen, and I am being, like, a big copycat, I guess. *laugh* I saw, uh, <lj user="cowgirled"> and <lj user="darth_snuggles"> did phone posts, and um, I guess for some reason I had thought you needed to have a cell phone to do that, which I don't have, but I looked in the FAQ, and... yeah, you just need a paid account. So, here is my phone post, mostly because I think it's really cool to hear what people sound like, and I don't know if anyone is actually interested in that but *laugh* this is what I sound like.

Uh, not that I really have anything exciting to talk about, though, which makes this sort of awkward, I guess, uh. Oh, I should say happy birthday to <lj user="the_firefly">. Sarah, you're asleep by now, I'm sure, but *laugh* it is technically still your birthday, so happy birthday.

And, well, now you've all heard, you know, the [malefolous?] tones of my voice... melodious and dulcet tones *laugh* and uh, yeah, I think I'm just going to uh, end it.”

Transcribed by: numisma

Wow, phone posts are weird to make. I had no idea what to talk about. It's also kind of hard to hear because I was trying to be quietish so as not to wake anyone. (Though if you listen carefully, you can hear my cat meow, whee.)
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