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iy_flashfic: done! Well, the first draft, anyway. Tomorrow will be for looking over/editing/all that jazz. But it turned out okay. I think? Certainly not what I was planning on. Hopefully the person I'm writing for likes it. It's not my usual and quite possibly not at all what the person was hoping for. It ended up being challenging, too, because there was some stuff I don't usually write, or at least get a bit of a headache from writing, heh. I can't really get into detail about that now, though, because it will give stuff away.

Congrats to all of you who placed in IYFG!

I'm making muffins, but it seems I accidentally bought low-carb muffin mix. The question is, will they taste as good as real muffins? I guess I'll know in about ten minutes. I'm not very hopeful, though.

ETA: Ugh. Low-carb muffins fail.
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