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prpl pen

Once upon a time, I helped out a friend who was having a mild financial crisis. Now, in order to pay me back, he randomly buys me shiny stuff. Long story short: I have a PSP now. It's kind of funny; I'm not really sure what to do with it. I mean, there aren't really any games out yet that I care about. It's a nifty toy, though, and I imagine that after a bit, I'll be really glad I have it because Square or someone will make a PSP format game that I will need.

And speaking of video games, I bought the Inuyasha: Feudal Combat game the other day. It was making me laugh something fierce while I was playing it. So, so silly. I love in story mode how serious the random reasons they all decide to beat each other up are. Though I knew it was dubbed, I'd hoped there would be an option to listen to the Japanese voices. Everyone screaming at each other in Japanese > everyone screaming at each other in English. No such luck. Oh well. I was still having fun, until playing Sesshoumaru in story mode and demon Inuyasha handed me my ass. Repeatedly. I'll have to try that again tonight, I guess.

meep. I just realized I still have that line of fic meme thingy to finish. I kind of forgot about it. It doesn't help that my creativity seems to have gone on a sudden vacation & left no contact info. bleah. *makes a note*

I'm pleased with my iy_flashfic assignment. I'm going to try and challenge myself again by writing the pairing that seems (to me) the most difficult. Though if I continue to suck, I might chicken out and go for an easier one. This month is already zipping along, but I think I can actually start writing this one soon, as opposed to last month when I was trying to think of plot most of the month and didn't actually start writing till near the end.

ETA: Last call for guesses on this lyrics meme.
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