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Please respond with your birthday here if you haven't already. :)

Mondays are one of my "work early" days; I have to get up at six am. I slept really late on Sunday though, so I'm not tired. I decided to just stay up all night instead of going to sleep. Maybe not the smartest plan, but there you go.

Say, is there a proper term for that thing Miroku wears on his Kazaana hand? Not the prayer beads, but the cloth covering thingy?

Anyway, I watched Advent Children. It was...okay. I didn't like it as much as I was hoping I would. The plot would have benefited by making a bit more sense and being a lot more engaging. The eye candy factor was pretty high though, so I appreciate it on that level. Although, meh, fight scenes could have been better, really. There was some nice fight choreography, but I was bothered by the fact that most of the time during fights the bodies behaved as if they had no weight. Which is something that looks cool every once in a while, but when it's the rule rather than the exception, it just looks...cartoony.

It was really Cloud-centric, which is expected. Tifa was in it a fair amount, Vincent and Aerith were there, but Cid, Barret, & the rest of the crew were really just glorified cameos. Alas. There were still a few nice moments, like when Bahamut is summoned and flares everything to hell, and when the old team first assembles to beat him down. I am going to steal Vincent's cloak, and--I don't care; Reno was so adorable I want to keep him in my closet or something. In the long run, though? Pretty, but pretty disappointing.

So that's my picky opinion.

Hmm. I might clean for a while or something.
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