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Ugh, so busy. This month has really flown by so far. I'd like to finish something for imagine_ink, but honestly I don't know if that's going to happen by the end of the month. I was dumb and forgot about it, and now I still have half a flashfic to finish and the other one to type up and edit, but we've been short-handed at work so I'm splitting shifts and doing overtime and all kinds of lame stuff like that, which tends to leave me mentally and creatively drained by the end of the day. Oh well, the extra money on my check will be good, especially since my car seems to be having some issues. Bah.

Still, I am somehow really missing iyfic_challenge, even though I hadn't been a very active participant lately. Maybe just because even if I didn't enter, when it was still open I knew I could. iyfic_contest is lovely, of course, but maybe I'd just gotten used to having three or so possible themes going on in various places every week and now it feels emptier. I also tend to be more motivated when I have a deadline to meet.

I'm actually contemplating joining iy_no_kakera, but the logical part of me says that's not a very good idea at this time, what with the busy-ness. Next month will likely be more of the same, and November is not only busy, but I'll be doing NaNoWriMo on top of everything else. And one hundred themes is a bit daunting, even though I know I wouldn't be obligated to do every one. Then there's the fact that I don't even know who I'd write about. Sango, maybe, because I need an excuse to write about her more than I do. Still I am also kind of drawn to the notion of doing a very minor character, like Souten or Sessmom, because the prospect of building backstory for them intrigues me.

I need to start seriously thinking about my Halloween costume for this year. Need to make sure I have time to make it, after all. A few months back I was thinking that I wanted to be Maria Ross from Fullmetal Alchemist, mostly because I think the military uniforms are super-nifty. Lately though, since I've gotten into Bleach, the idea of being a Shinigami for Halloween is really appealing, too. Probably Matsumoto, because she's awesome and *cough* we have similar assets. The plus for that is the costume will be much simpler to sew. The minus is I'd need a wig. I hate wearing wigs. No matter which one I choose, 99% of people aren't going to know who I am, but that's okay. My Halloween costumes usually end up being a bit obscure to most people. Past ones have included: American Maid (from The Tick), Hester Prynne (The Scarlet Letter), Ayane (Dead or Alive), and ODing Mia Wallace (from Pulp Fiction; I had fake blood coming from my nose and a syringe stuck to my chest :P).

So, because I can, here's a poll.

Poll #575749 Halloween costume

Who should I dress as?

Matsumoto Rangiku! Yay, boobies!
Maria Ross! Yay, buttcape!
Someone else (suggest below)

Any other suggestions?

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