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Whew. My little vacation from the internet lasted longer and was more absolute than I was planning for it to be. My mom had an operation last week and they ended up have to do a lot more slicing than was originally planned on. She is fine, but the recovery period is longer. So I went home to help for about a week: to clean; to cook; to drive her around; all that good stuff, as my dad is busy with the harvest now. My parents don't have an internet connection. So, if anyone has posted any entries that you think it's important I see, let me know. I may try and work my way back over the friends list when I have a little more time & energy. Or not.

I did get my fabric for my Halloween costume, as well as a wig. A fairly cheap wig, but I'll probably only wear it once or twice so I wasn't about to shell out for a nice one. I need to start sewing soon, though. How can this month be more than half over already? *weeps* Autumn needs to linger!

I'm starting to reconsider doing NaNoWriMo this year. The timing is just bad. I will be spending Thanksgiving week in Chicago with some family, so that's already four or five days I know for sure won't be good for writing. I'm thinking that instead, I might just focus on trying to finish some things (fanfic, mostly) that have been sitting abandoned/neglected the past few months. I'll still focus on writing, but it will be on something a little different than the NaNoWriMo variety. And maybe I'll do a write-a-thon in January or February instead; do the 50,000 words in a month thing, just in a different month.

I'm tired now and think I'll head off to bed. Which is weird, because it's incredibly early for me. My sleep schedule is wonky from helping out at home.
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