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On Monday I went off to mail some stuff, and then to the library, where I reserved a copy of Anansi Boys and had them order and reserve A Feast for Crows for me. When I came home, I found the Inuyasha Season Two boxed set I'd pre-ordered had arrived. Yay! I've been watching that a bit. It's making me a little sad, though.

Back then, there was actually character interaction and development and stuff. I'd almost forgotten that the relationship between the main characters was what really drew me into the story, because most of the recent manga chapters are rather lacking in that regard. Eh. I'm not as interested as I once was. Part of it is just that the bloom is off the rose; it's no longer as new to me and of course my enthusiasm has faded a bit. Don't get me wrong, I still am inspired by the series and have no plans whatsoever to stop writing fic or "leave the fandom" or anything like that. I just wish Takahashi would remember that there are other characters besides Tessaiga.

Still, I felt randomly inspired at about 3am last night and did something for iy_no_kakera.

I have yet to begin actual sewing on my Halloween costume. I really should do that. Maybe today. I'm skipping work sick. Yeah, sick. *cough* I was playing Suikoden IV for a while. Mostly mini-games, laughing at the ridiculously tiny fish I was catching. Woo, a 9 cm sardine! I have mad skillz.
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