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prpl pen

Well, my cat discovered the fish. I was watching her carefully to see what she'd do, but she seemed content to just sit and watch him. She tried sticking her paw into the bowl once, but when she found out there was water in there she seemed to abandon that idea. Well, this morning I woke up early and was lying in bed. I decided since I didn't have to go to work to just sleep for an extra hour. Just as I was drifting off, there came a terrific crash from the living room. Argh. The cat pushed the poor fishie off the shelf and the bowl shattered. I rescued him, transplanted him to a smaller bowl and I think he's okay. Now he has to stay up on top the bookcase where the cat can't get at him. I should have known she was just waiting for me to be out of her way before she struck.

I'm in a pretty good mood right now. the_firefly wrote me birthday!fic (and sent it to me early), which made me twelve kinds of happy. And I discovered at the library today that Garth Nix has a newish book of Abhorsen (& related) short stories out: Across the Wall. How did I miss this? Anyway, I can read it now. *glee*

Omigawsh, the latest chapter of Inuyasha is like actually interesting and stuff! Lil' wolf kidlets=♥.

I need to actually write this month. I said I was going to last month, but that ended up being a horrible lie. Anyway, I got my flashfic assignment. I think I know which pairing I'll be writing and have the beginnings of an idea for plot and such. Also, I am well-pleased with my Secret Santa assignment. I just hope I can do it justice, because the person I'm writing for is a super-awesome writer. I'm sure once winter-proper starts, my productivity will increase because I'll be more inclined to stay in the warm house.

Ooh, my aunt just arrived here with a new bookcase. Time to re-shelf things! *dork*
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