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I have returned! I'm sure you are all thrilled.

Actually, we got back from the Thanksgiving trip a few days ago, but I ended up sort of, well, stranded at my parents' house for a few extra days thanks to an ice-storm-that-mutated-into-a-snowstorm that started on Sunday and ended yesterday. Whee. At least I know I'm still in Minnesota. I was starting to wonder, what with all the mild weather.

The trip was, on the whole, very nice. We drove through Elgin and I thought of paynesgrey. I'm going to pretend a random building I picked out was where she lives, because it amuses me to do so. Hee.

I wasn't actually productive on the car ride, though. Too distracted by keeping the little ones entertained. I suppose I should have seen that coming. Oh well. I think I have sort of a beginning of an idea for both the things I absolutely have to finish this month. That's better than nothing. I'll have to finish cards and things soon, too, so I can send them out. I have a horrible feeling that I've managed to overlook someone, somehow. Last call for addresses!

hallowd, this is for you: "Across the Universe". Also, have you gotten a chance to see Advent Children yet?

I shall now attempt to go back over the friends page. I'm still not getting all my comment notifications (though I am getting some of them), so if I inadvertently ignore something I Probably Should See, poke me.
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