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As if I weren't busy enough, they've implemented mandatory overtime at my job for the next two weeks at least (possibly till the end of the month). *keels over* Sure, the extra money will be nice, but I have a jillion things to do before the holidays, and my schedule was tight already. Waaah. It doesn't help that I'll have to be various places the last three weekends of the month: first Christmas with my Dad's side of the family; then Christmas with Mom, Dad, and the sibs back home; and finally, Christmas with Mom's side of the family on the 31st.

I've got to find time to finish my flashfic and Secret Santa fic before then for sure, and then there were other things I was hoping to get to before Christmas. Those can be done later, though, I 'spose, but I'd prefer to have them done before Xmas. Not to mention the fact that I have writer's block like whoa right now. Maybe due to stress or something, I dunno. It sucks though. I miss actually entering challenge comms, too. Maybe in January, I guess.

...But enough of that. I'd almost forgotten how awesome Shrinky Dinks are. ♥♥♥

Also, in super-keen news, Season Two, Vol. 1 of Gargoyles was released today (technically yesterday, but whatever), so rejoice! (And buy it, because Gargoyles is rocktacular2.)

Looks like a bunch of my old comment notifications are finally coming in. Meh. Better late than never, I suppose.

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Something Silly from eostra
Something Funny from aubreywitch
Lump of coal from insanely_poetic
Something Pretty from wheezambu
Something Shiny from nesslyquik
Something Naughty from incoh
Something Smelly from _morbidity
Something Breakable from the_firefly
Something Useful from hallowd
Something not useful from numisma
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from moonphased
Livejournal account from lalieth
The Make-up Bag from leni_ba
Stack of DVDs from tea_roses
Something Geeky from seaouryou


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I really should go to bed, I suppose. Long day week month ahead of me. I'll try and catch up with the friends list tomorrow.
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