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Oh man, I miss everybody. *sob* Since my time is extremely limited right now, of course I feel like cruising LiveJournal all the time. I'm just waiting for my laundry to finish drying and then I need to get to bed, because I'm working a 14-hour shift tomorrow. Bleah.

I mailed out most of my Christmas cards on Wednesday, so some of you will be getting those soon. Four of them inexplicably came back with insufficient postage, but the rest should be fine, I think. The returned mail and the few straggler cards/gifts I finished up today will be going out on Monday. I also finished the last of my Christmas shopping today. *feels productive* Now the only major things I have left are to make soap for everyone in my family, wrap stuff, and finish some fic for this month. That doesn't seem so bad, so now I'm feeling pretty confident about even being able to do other stuff I was hoping-but-not-expecting to get to this month.

My mom came up to town to shop with me, and we went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire after, so I've finally seen that. Pretty good.

...Ur, I forgot the other thing I meant to talk about.

ETA: Okay, who just gave me paid time for LJ? 'Fess up so I can molest you.
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