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Don't ask me what I've been doing with my time. I couldn't tell you myself. It's kind of a mystery, really. Haven't been particularly busy with anything; work schedule is back to normal; haven't been wasting much time lately either with video games, internet, etc. Yet, half the month is gone already and I have very little to show for it. Hmm.

Oh well. Lest I fall back into slackerhood, here is a list of things to work on:

- The theme for iyfic_contest this week is "yuri". So now I am going to make a valiant effort to finish writing my Kikyou/Kagome idea. The one I started fiddling with...oh, back in June, I think? That I haven't made much headway with since? Suddenly I am all inspired again. This proves I work much better with a deadline.

- And speaking of deadlines, can't forget iy_flashfic. I haven't started actually writing yet, but I have a pretty good starting idea that just wants a bit more fleshing out.

- I have several drabbles and pieces of gift art for people, in various stages of completion. My goal is to have these finished & posted soon.

So I'll be gone for most of next week. Going to Las Vegas, actually. My sister is getting married. Her boyfriend proposed sometime in November, I think it was? And they decided rather than have a big wedding to go to a chapel and have a honeymoon type thing in Vegas. My parents are paying for us all to fly out for the wedding, since they figured it's cheaper than paying for a big wedding anyway. It seems sort of weird to me that Teresa is getting married, because...I totally feel like I am way too young to get married still, and she's younger than me. Which is not to say I am against it. I am happy for her. It's just an idea that I had to wrap my brain around. I think I have a warped concept of how old I actually am anyway.

So, while there, I'm not really sure exactly what I'll be doing, beyond wedding stuff, of course. I haven't got much money and the whole gambling thing doesn't interest me, so...what else do you do in Vegas? I really have no clue. Oh well, I'm sure there is plenty to see and do. Ha, actually I am most excited about the fact that I will get to go on an airplane for the first time. Yes, I have led a deprived life.

ETA: Ha, I am randomly very tempted to make a journal to stick all my writing into. Mostly because I am way too amused by the fact that I could call it prpl_prose.
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