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So, the wedding went well, Well, I guess I can say I've been to Vegas now? My first plane ride was pretty dang cool. I sat by the window and loved watching everything grow smaller as we climbed into the air. Minnesota looked very much like a quilt with all the neatly plotted farmland, though the bajillion lakes added a nice bit of chaos. It got cloudy later on, so I was sneaking glimpses of the land through breaks in the clouds. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Las Vegas itself? Very...cheesy. Which I was sort of expecting, but holy cow. Neon rhinestone everything. Topless show this, topless show that. Expensive like whoa. I dunno. It might have been a bit more fun if I had an abundance of cash (basically just brought enough to buy food) and wasn't there on such a tight schedule. It was like: arrive, this day is wedding prep, the next day is the wedding, next day meet and say goodbye & get stuff organized to catch the plane back. It really felt like a goodly portion was spent just waiting for other people. Go eat, we'll meet you back here in an hour; that sort of thing. I did try a slot machine, and I ended up winning $4.50, but I just stopped there and kept the cash. Gambling with real money doesn't hold much appeal for me. Maybe if I had a lot more of it, I wouldn't mind, but as it is, it's really not fun.

My dad did bring a bit of money he was planning to basically throw away for fun, but he ended up actually winning a small jackpot on a slot machine (~$1000) and just spending that, so he left with a bit more than he came with. Oh, we stayed in the Stratosphere, which is the hotel with the super high tower with rides on top of it. My dad, with a little of his winnings, bought all of us kids tickets to the top (yeah, you have to pay to go to the top; you have to pay for everything there) and to ride the rides. Sadly, of the four rides up there, only two were actually going. The roller coaster, which is what I was most excited about, was closed for repairs. One of the ones going was "X-Scream", which was actually very lame. It kinda tips you over the edge on a track and rocks back and forth a bit, I suppose counting on the ZOMG, I am 900 ft in the air! factor to make it scary. It wasn't. The other, "Big Shot" was pretty cool, as we rode it at night and it basically shoots you up on a track on the top of the tower and lets you freefall, and the view was awesome.

Anyway, when I have a bit more ambition and clear off my camera, I may toss up a few pictures.

Once again I have been sort of skimmy with the friendslist. I'll try to catch up good and proper during the week.

So. Despite making a valiant effort over the course of my trip, I did not finish my yuri entry for iyfic_contest. But the deadline has been extended, so hopefully all will be well.

I also did go ahead and create the writing journal, prpl_prose. I made it a community, because I didn't want to deal with logging in and out, but now I have belatedly realized that I can't friend anyone with it that way. So, oops.

Anyhoo, if you have a writing journal (fanfic or original or both; doesn't matter), please go and join, so can get you on the friendslist? I'll be adding more things to it as I find the time and ambition; mostly reposting older works at the moment, but I plan on keeping upcoming stories over there from now on.
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