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(Belated) happy birthdays to the passel of you that've just had them. If any of you wants to request a drabble, feel free. I expect to do a post sometime soon with a lot of late drabbles and gift art.

I think certain circumstances in the past few months really threw me off-track, but I'm trying to be productive again, really I am. And I realize I just keep saying this sort of thing to myself. Meh. Now it's like...I want to write. I try to write. I have ideas and stuff. It's just that nothing is coming out right when I try to get it out on paper. For example, the piece I was hoping to finish in time for iyfic_contest is a no go. It's giving me trouble, true, and also is just really too complicated for me to finish it by tonight without rushing things and it turning out sucky. Instead I am toying with another, shorter story, but it's not going so well right now either. Stupid brain. Why can't you just work?

I really need to work more on my flashfic, too, which I've barely touched.

Okay enough of that. Time for a random music post, methinks.

Mr. Harris - Aimee Mann - One of the many reasons I am forever indebted to my high school English teacher Mr. Zdrazil is that he introduced me to Aimee Mann's solo work. Anyhoo, this is a unique love song. Just listen.

Momentum - Aimee Mann - Haha, there are times when this feels like the theme song to my life. sigh.

American Girls - Weezer (w/Soul Coughing) - Hee, what's super funny is whenever I hear this song, I think of those "American Girls" books.

Dearly Departed - DeVotchKa - Yes, I am addicted to this song.

See You Soon - Coldplay - Especially for adesso. ♥

A Day in the Life - the Beatles - Like I could have a music post and not include the Beatles.

It's Only Love - the Beatles - This is a random unfinished take that I actually like better than the album version.

Transcending Love - Suikoden III Opening Theme - HAY GUYS DID YOU KNOW I LIKE SUIKODEN?

Maahi Ve Maahi Ve - from Kal Ho Naa Ho - How can you not love Bollywood? So wonderfully cheesy and fun.

At Times, Love Is - Masami Okui - From Adolescence of Utena. It's the song that plays when Utena & Anthy dance in the rose garden.

Meme (yeah, stole this from like everyone):

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "5 characters you´ve never written about" "5 books that always make you cry"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me.

Okay, I've still got a few hours to finish writing something for iyfic_contest. Back to work.
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