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Hmm. I am worrying about the canonicity of my flashfic. As in, since I haven't read all the manga, I'm afraid it contradicts something I don't know or have forgotten about. I should really learn to stop worrying about that sort of thing, though. Judging by past experience, I think about these little things more than Takahashi does. Or at least than she bothers to write into canon, anyway.

Five things meme:

ariyanaforever: How about 5 characters that you like but sometimes they make you feel like slapping them?

Ahaha, only five? I love them all dearly, but they really could use a good smack upside the head some of the time.
1. Inuyasha
2. Max Fischer
3. Buffy Summers
4. Hamlet
5. Demona

the_firefly: Top 5 favorite Bleach moments!

I have to cheat! Because no way can I just pick only five total! So...

Top Five Serious:
1. Ichigo stopping Rukia's execution.

2. Princess & Dragon. Best Platonic(ish) OTP Evar.

3. Soi Fong's facade cracks. My heart, she is breaking!

4. Rukia's shikai. I never lost faith in your awesomeness, Rukia, physical or emotional.

5. Emo!hime. This whole sequence is just...guh. I keep coming back to it. I love the way he showed her emotion with her feet.

Top Five Silly
1. Chad picturing Karin with Ichigo's face. I swear, these two are destined to be dating in like three years.

2. Kon having trouble with his Ichigo charade. It's funny because it's true.

3. Ishida's spare mantle. HA HA, DORK.

4. Pyon~!

5. Ichigo's brilliant Menos Grande killing plan.

...With an honorable mention to 95% of everything Isshin says or does. XD

haro: Top five things you really want to find the time to get into.

1. Discworld books. I've read the first three Watch books and adored them, but there are so many books and so little time to read them (plus I get all confused about the best order to read them).
2. Firefly. I've been meaning to actually watch this since the dvds first came out. And still haven't. One day I'll have to find someone to borrow it from.
3. More a lack of money than of time, but the Suikoden III manga. I wants it, precious. </suikoslut>
4. One day I want to read the full Mabinogion. I'm not quite sure which translation would be best, either. Hmm.
5. And...well, I like doing crafty crap. I'd like to try glass etching one of these days. I've been meaning to for years now.

indefiance: Top five fictional crushes

I get so many crushes on fictional characters, seriously. So many.

1. Fflewddur Fflam. Since I first read The Black Cauldron in second grade, he owns my heart forever. One of my first literary crushes, and definitely the longest lasting. We'd have spiky-haired, truth-stretching babies.

2. Tara Maclay. One of my favorite characters on Buffy, and of course, Amber Benson is just gorgeous.

3. Peregrin Took. This one is strictly the movie version, because while book!Pippin is one of my favorite characters, there is no crushing. It took Billy Boyd and his sexy Scottishness to get me crushing on Pippin.

4. Kotetsu Isane. I give up. I am now officially Totally Smitten with her.

5. Chrestomanci (Christopher Chant version). Vagueness and exquisite dressing gowns, be still my heart! No picture, sadly. I found some random doujinshi, but none of them look right to me.

indefiance: Top five desserts
1. Cheesecake! Preferably plain, but with fresh cherries is good, too.
2. Swedish baked rice. I assume this is a rather regional thing. Not the same as rice pudding. I live for the holidays when this is served at family get-togethers.
3. Coconut cream pie, but I am very picky about it being good. There was this one restaurant in my college town that made the best coconut cream pie ever, from scratch. Now it's hard to find anything that compares.
4. Orange float. Root beers floats are good, but orange is my favorite.
5. White cake with almond frosting.

Feel free to ask some more.

ETA: the_firefly: Top 5 Grossest Foods

Ha. I am not a big fan of most vegetables.

1. Onions. It is more the texture than the taste, though. I use onion powder for cooking. See, something happened in elementary school to put me off them for life. One day for school lunch we had chocolate cake for dessert. I took a nice big bite of mine and bit into...a huge bit of onion. Must have fallen into the batter and got cooked into the cake. Ew ew ew!
2. Potato salad.
3. Squid. creeps me out. Plus when my sister was going to try some once it had a beak and we freaked out and threw it away.
4. Cowboy dinner. Which is this kind of nasty concoction of potatoes, beans, hamburger and ketchup (and some other things) my mom used to make for dinner in the summer because it was easy to just stick in the oven when she was at work.
5. Spam. Ew, smushed up bits of...pig. In jelly.

the_firefly: Top 5 Fav Negima Moments

Ha, this pretty much turned into the Konoka and Setsuna show. But what can you expect? They are so incredibly cute!

1. Setsuna's wings are revealed.

2. Gah, this is just HAWT.

3. Library Island! Because, holy crap. Such an awesome setting and I want to explore it like woah.

Clearly, Yue agrees with me.

4. The beginnings of...basically the cutest pairing ever. And first of many spontaneous sakura Konoka/Setsuna moments. XD

5. I would have entirely too much fun with those age disguising pills.

the_firefly: Top 5 Characters you love to hate

1. Ayeka, from Tenchi Muyo!
2. Cersei Lannister, from A Song of Ice and Fire.
3. Kimblee, from Fullmetal Alchemist.
4. Gentleman, from Fingersmith (the book; I haven't seen the BBC adaptation yet).
5. The Trunchbull, from Matilda.
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