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prpl pen

Gah, stupid internet connection. It's been spazzy the last few days, and I don't know why. I was actually really sweating being able to post my flashfic on time, because I got home from work and the internet was like, "Nuh-uh, bitch." Which...ur. Not exactly satisfied with how the story turned out to begin with (so sorry, reiku!), and posting it late would have made me feel even worse.

So...I've elected not to sign up for iy_flashfic this month. For one, I am feeling very "meh" about what I've been writing lately, and I see no reason another person should have to suffer for my lack of creativity. For two, I have other things I want to work on (which may account for the meh-ness; perhaps I'd rather be writing other things?). Here are my plans thus far:

- Yoruichi/Soi Fong for 5_nevers
- Alternate history story for imagine_ink
- Finish Kikyou/Kagome one-shot (I got a pretty good chunk of it done when trying to finish it in time for iyfic_contest)
- At least one Souten shard for 30shards
- At least one Sango piece for iy_no_kakera
- Work on request ficlets again.

There isn't exactly a set timeline for this, but I'm hoping to have most crossed off before the end of the month. Ha ha.

Also, I have been addicted to this song since it occurred to me the other day to download the Kingdom Hearts II soundtrack: Passion - Hikaru Utada

Why isn't it April yet???

P.S. Ha, I totally have Aizen hair today. I could be his long-lost twin sister.
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