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Everyone should download and watch this, because it is the creepiest, awesomest thing ever. --->The Cat With Hands<--- (Quicktime file, ~6MB)

I've been actually productive! It feels so wonderful! Could this be the end of my recent writing slump? I really really hope so.

Sadly, the alternate history idea I was toying with is just not going to happen. There is too much research I'd want to do first, but I'm keeping the idea on the backburner for possible future orig!fic. I'm not sure exactly what is happening with imagine_ink, anyway; if the theme has been extended or there is going to be a new theme or...? (faemous, help me out?)

However, I have been working on my Yoruichi/Soi Fong for 5_nevers and expect to be done with it soon. In fact, it's spawned another fic. I realized some of the stuff I was thinking about putting in there wouldn't really match the theme, but I still like it, so it will probably turn into a whole separate YoruSoi first time type thing. Obviously, I am on a bit of a yuri kick. I think partly because I am annoyed that Kikyou and Kagome are taking their sweet time before they will just HAVE SEX, DAMMIT! in the other thing I'm still working on. Heh. Oh well. I am determined to eventually finish that fic. Preferably before I hit menopause.
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