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Johari window. Please? I'm curious.

I finally saw the Narnia movie today. I liked it more than I was expecting to, though there were still some bits that felt kind of pastede on. And I wasn't very impressed with most of the kids' acting.

Uhm, now I've completely forgotten the other thing I meant to write about. Oh, hardlyfatal, got your Valentines; thanks!

ETA: Oh man, I am so tired but I have absolutely no desire to go to bed. And I'm trying to respond to everyone else who's posted up a link for the Johari thingie, but now it's overloaded or something. Still can't remember the other thing I meant to write about here.

I'm feeling very random right now.

Memage ganked from hardlyfatal:

Take the last letter in your first name:
A - I fucked
B - I have
C - I need
D - I sucked
E - I gave head to
F - I got wet n' wild with
G - I tasted
H - I played
I - I swallowed down
J - I blew
K - I got down and dirty with
L - I loved
M - I hated
N - I was desperate for
O - I ordered
P - I partied with
Q - I had quickie with
R - I got rowdy with
S - I sold
T - I turned on
U - I gave birth to
V - I stripped for
W - I milked
X - I gave hand to
Y - I aroused
Z - I sold

Take the last letter in your last name:
A - a hobo
B - a male stripper
C - a cat
D - a pencil
E - a naked statue
F - a firefighter
G - a goat
H - a MILF
I - a bastard
J - a male prostitute
K - a clock
L - an adult toy
M - a Louis Vuitton bag
N - a whore
O - a DILF
P - a pimp
Q - a quarter
R - a pornstar
S - a slut
T - a nerd
U - a stuft animal
V - a bitch
W - an ugly fat kid
X - a cheerleader
Y - a gay guy
Z - a pyromaniac

Now take your middle initial (if you have no middle name, put the first
letter of your mothers maiden name):
A - and I enjoyed it
B - for a one night stand
C - for money
D - so I could hookup with a jock
E - and I got banged after
F - for a water bra
G - for a cherry flavored condom
H - so I could get a nose job
I - for a vacation
J - for birth control
K - for a shopping spree
L - so people would talk about me
M - and it was hot
N - so I could get butt implants
O - for sex
P - so I could go around naked
Q - all for lust
R - just for the attention
S - for love
T - so I could be sexy
U - all for a fat kid
V - and i hated it
W - all for pleasure
X - so I could get a boob job
Y - for lube
Z - all for a hot guy

ETA again: Aw, this was such a good reason to screw around on LiveJournal when I should probably be in bed (yeah, only got like four hours of sleep last night, worked much of the day and I have to get up early again tomorrow, but...): someone wrote my fic_on_demand Suikoden III Jacques/Aila request! ♥

Go read it! Orange Crush

Man, I really need to try and write something for that comm again, too. I have a few possibilities.

(I also love that LiveJournal thinks its own name is not a real word. </random spellcheck amusement>)
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