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hallowd? I owe you so hard for recommending Jade Empire to me.

Anyway, here's some proof that I am easily amused:

Dawn Star wants me.

She gazes longingly into my eyes...

...and totally makes her move.

Ha, actually, I was trying to romance Dawn Star, and ended up sleeping alone. *sob* So either I did it wrong, or she just doesn't swing that way. But, wow, awesome game. My only (minor) complaints would be that the puzzles were all too easy, and that the last few chapters were too short. I didn't want it to end! Hopefully I missed a sidequest or two that I can deal with when I replay, and I still have to go Closed Fist. But...waaahh. Sequel, PLZ.

So...yeah. I spent the bulk of my free time the last two days playing video games instead of writing. I'd hit a wall anyway, on that YoruSoi piece, though it's not a lost cause yet. I think I've just been hyper-critical of everything I do again lately, so I'm trying to just...stop doing that. I mean, granted, I realize that I will never be completely satisfied with anything I produce, but I'm trying not to let that grind me to a standstill. I have a good chunk done on a short one-shot for imagine_ink, am considering an idea for iyfic_contest, and crumbled like a cookie and signed up for iy_flashfic again. I can't escape its siren song.

...Okay, I suppose I should actually go to work now.
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