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In which I rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of No Internet.

I kind of abruptly disappeared, unplanned. (Which was probably unnoticed because it wasn't actually for a very long amount of time, but believe me, it felt much longer to me. I was dying for internet access.) So, SOP: if I've missed anything Important, please let me know.

I'm feeling incredibly good about, well, lots of stuff just now. Such as, for example, the latest Inuyasha chapter. I mean, Mouryoumaru finally dying was heartening, but I still wasn't feeling the old love. But...holy shit. Focus on a character who is not Tessaiga? Always welcome. Beyond that, this was just intense. I actually cared, and not just a little. And that first panel on page six is crazy hardcore. WTF, he's leaking blood out of every orifice. (Well, we can only conjecture about how things went below the belt, but...) Gah. Brave, noble Miroku. And Sango! And Kikyou! (And Sango & Kohaku resting together! *melt*) Please please please let this be indicative of further Awesomeness to come.

I received some spontaneous inspiration today for my iy_flashfic assignment. Not the character/pairing I was originally planning to write, but once I started going on it, pieces started falling into place in that wonderful way that I love so much, so I'd be a fool to ignore it in favor of the other. I'm not sure how long it will end up being, but as far as the minimum wordcount goes, I'm halfway there. So, yay. I remain kind of slacktacular as far as other writing, but I am not going to force it. I am hopeful.

I also got curious about the mentions of IYFG happenings in various LJs, so I took a look at the discussion, such as it is. (I actually am signed up for emails, but I also have a filter that just shoots them, unseen, into a folder that I always forget about until it's so full that I take a look and groan and delete everything unread. It might be wise to one of these days just switch to no emails, but my laziness is near legendary. :P) Anyway. Wow. It all blurs together, but I still haven't quite recovered from reading something to the effect of, "Well, if someone wins once, they should totally feel glad and then step the hell aside so that other people get a chance! Also, The Da Vinci Code r0x0rs!" *weeps*

But, on a more Kingdom Hearts-related note: *sporfle!* (make sure your sound is on)
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