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I wrote about two words yesterday (no kidding), but was productive in other ways. I made soap (and spilled a bit of tea oil in the process, but my house smells good as a result) and finished knitting a scarf. Also did some art-related stuff. There will probably be a post soonish with drabbles and gift!art for various people. My friend just called me and told me he's getting married. This is how he told me: Guess what. You'll have to wear a dress.

Me: ...Why?

Him: Because Randall and I are getting married!

Me: WTF, a dress? I want jodhpurs! ;_;

...That last because he promised me a long time ago that if he ever got married, I would officiate, dressed as a circus ringmaster. My dreams--dashed! I'm the...Best Maid of Honor or something like that. Then he said I can sew my dress, but no faery wings! He knows me too well. Well, the wedding isn't for another year & a half anyway, so who knows. I have time to work on him.

I've gone through my bookshelves and am trying to get rid of some "extras". These are all either books I have double copies of, books I was given randomly as gifts and have no desire to read, or books I read once that I have no desire to read again. I thought before bringing them down to the used books shop, I'd see if anyone here wants any of them. This is what I have (links are not always the same edition of the book):

In hardcover
(These are all in very good shape, most of them like new; all with dust jackets.)

Knight Life by Peter David.
Olympos by Dan Simmons
Magic Street by Orson Scott Card - going to lotus_faerie
Evolution by Stephen Baxter
The School of Beauty and Charm by Melanie Sumner
Krondor the Assassins by Raymond E. Feist

In paperback
(Conditions vary on these because most of them are second-hand; I'll note them individually.)

The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (Okay shape; there are a few crayon/pencil drawings in the first few pages and one page has a small rip in it, but it's very readable. Cover is a bit worn, some discoloration along the edges of the pages.)
The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart (Discarded library copy; laminated cover with some wrinkles and wear, but in pretty good shape otherwise.)
Lythande by Marion Zimmer Bradley (Pretty good shape; minor wear on the cover and spine.)
Myth-ing Persons by Robert Asprin (Pretty good shape; minor wear on the cover and some discoloration.)
Sweet Myth-tery of Life by Robert Asprin (Good shape; only some minor wear on the embossing on the cover.)
The 10th Kingdom novelization by Kathryn Wesley (Very good shape, only minor wear on the spine. Includes 16-page inset of color photos from the mini-series.)
Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper (Very good shape; some slight wear on the cover and I wrote my name in it. ^^)
The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper (Okay shape; cover and spine are worn, and again my name is in it.)
Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper (Pretty good shape; some wear on the cover and spine, my name written in it.)

If anyone's interested in any of these, comment and let me know.
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