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Well, I may be taking another medical leave from work. This mostly sucks, largely because I have again used up all my sick time, so it would be unpaid. I have some money saved up, but I'd much prefer to just leave that in the savings account and let it slowly gather interest. Also, while I often don't feel like going to work, basically being told I cannot for a period of time makes me feel all useless and ineffectual. Oh well. I guess the upside is that I may have plenty of uninterrupted time to play Kingdom Hearts II? (which I pre-ordered and damn well better be here tomorrow.) Ur, after I finish my flashfic, of course. I'll know for sure by Thursday, when I have another doctor's appointment. Whee.

Speaking of the flashfic...I really need to do some serious work on that. The end of the month totally snuck up on me. I'm glad I started working on it earlier this month, and I've got a decent chunk written already, but I've also kind of lost the thread of the inspiration I had for it. I mean, I have vague remembrances of, "okay, this was going to happen, and then this," but it isn't fitting together as neatly as I had it worked out to before. Curses. Now I hope I don't ruin it. That's my biggest concern; not making sure it's long enough (that's a complete non-issue), but that it doesn't manage to morph into something I hate by the time I finish it. I think I may work on it a bit tonight before bed, actually.

I have been having ridiculously vivid, epic-length dreams lately, with events and such that are weird even by my standards. For example: last night, near the end of a very long and complicated dream (involving haunted houses, waterslides, Ducktales, and weddings), I was Ewan McGregor. I/Ewan started choking, and coughed up the head of a large, flattish, white worm, which I then had to carefully pull out of my throat so I could breath again. And then repeated the process twice, because apparently there were three of these things stuck in my throat. Ew. I know for a fact that part of the subconscious inspiration for that was that I was just reading an article about the Guinea worm yesterday. (Incidentally, if you want to read that but don't feel like registering, just put in "cyberpunks" for both the member id & password--this works for most news archives online that require registration.) Also, I've had a cold lately, so sore throat and mucusy and etc., which is where the not-being-able-to-breath thing came from, I'm sure. Of course, after extracting that last worm, I woke up, so I didn't get to experience the no-doubt awesome existence of fictional, non-parasite-infested Ewan McGregor. Dang.

Also, this was a meme I could not resist: go here and tell me which Disney character I remind you of. Then post your name and I'll return the favor! ♥
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