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I go back to work today. (edit: I lied. Not feeling up to it. Tomorrow it is!) I am both yay and bleah about that, because two weeks off have made me lazy. I did have plenty of time to play Kingdom Hearts II last week, though. I'm thinking about replaying it now in Proud Mode at a decidedly more leisurely pace. I've also been beset with an urge to replay most of my FF and Suikoden games. And...perhaps write fic for them? I dunno. I am having odds fits of inspiration lately, though nothing directed at the stuff I should be working on.

I recently watched The Twelve Kingdoms and was very sad when there were no more episodes. Now I'm reading translations of the novels, because I am a dork like that and want to know what happens, especially concerning Taiki. Sadly, not all of them are translated, at least that I can find. meh.

Mai-Otome - I've watched the first few episodes now. It's sort of odd, because some of the characters are so different. Like, not just in their roles, but even personality-wise; basically a new person with an old character design or something. I'm happy that Chie is in it (though no glasses, alas), because I loved her in Mai-HiME and she never got to do much. More thoughts as I watch more.

Music meme ganked from hardlyfatal: Reading this? Good. I want you to take whatever song is playing currently on your playlist and send it to me. I don't care what it is, just send it to prpl.pen AT via YouSendIt. Then post this meme in your journal and I will do the same. This way we can all get sort of new music, and new music is always good!

ETA: Here's what I've uploaded for other people so far.
Not Scared, Terrified - The Servant
Little Busters - the pillows
Breathing - Kate Bush
Theme of Moonlit Night - Yuko Imai (SO ENGRISHY XD)
Driving Sideways - Aimee Mann
Piccadilly - Squeeze

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