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The Secrets Meme

Rules: Reveal 5 secrets. Do not use specific names. Tag 5 people when you are done.

Honestly, I can't think of any real secrets, as in, no one but me knows them, but these will do.

1. When I was much younger, my siblings and I were playing out in the grassy area near a dry slough. We started a little fire to toast some marshmallows, but it was windy and...heh, long story short, there was a grassfire and firemen were involved. It ended up not doing any real damage, just clearing off the dead grass, but I felt terrible about it and would lie awake thinking about it for years afterward.

2. My boobs are ridiculous. I wear a DDD, but technically that's a little too small. *weeps* I flirt with the idea of getting a breast reduction, but haven't done anything serious to get the ball rolling on that.

3. I first hooked up with a former girlfriend on September 11th; I always found it really easy to keep track of our anniversary because of that fact.

4. I've been arrested before.

5. Back in high school, I used to sneak out at night in late summer, take off my pajamas, and run naked through the cornfield. Being naked outside was so free and wonderful and a little naughty, and I loved the way the leaves felt when they flicked across my skin.

I tag: amara_anon, incoh, the_firefly, haro, and faemous.
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