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I have a bike. I love my bike. It's finally warm enough out and all the snow and ice is gone, so I was happy because that means, "yay, bike riding!" This morning, I went out to the garage to air up the tires and take it out for a ride before work. However, I got out there and my bike? Was gone.

Now, the garage is full of a lot of stuff. One of the neighbors moved out a few months ago and is still storing half his stuff in there. At first I just thought, okay, it's behind something or other. I looked everywhere. No bike. So, someone apparently stole it right out of the garage, which didn't make a lot of sense to me, especially considering that if someone was in there thieving, there were a lot of other things they could have taken; electronics, cds, etc.

Tonight, I got home after running some errands and what do I see? My bike, parked on the back walk. Obviously one of the neighbors used it. I was greatly relieved, though a little annoyed that someone decided to ride it without permission. I wheeled it back into the garage, and that's when I noticed the lock was different. Someone had cut the chain off and replaced it with their own. What. The. Fuck. This goes far beyond a simple case of "borrowing without asking."

I went and knocked at the other apartments. The girl upstairs had no clue about it, so that just left the guys next door, who apparently aren't home. Grr. I ended up leaving a note, advising whoever-he-is that A) the bike has an owner, B) the owner is me, and C) I expect the keys for the new lock that was put on it ASAP. I'll try again tomorrow to see if anyone is around. In the meantime, grr.

Suikoden will soothe my savage breast!
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