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Avatar tonight, hurray! Possibly two episodes? I'm not sure about that. Of course, I don't have television, so I have to wait until they are uploaded somewhere. Still. Yay!

Suikoden V continues to pwn my soul. I've been playing it a bunch, but haven't made a ton of progress storywise as I spent a lot of time running around, leveling everybody up and getting their weapons forged up to level 10, recruiting people, and, of course, playing minigames. I love the fishing game so much; it reminds me of when I was playing FFX-2 and was inexplicably addicted to digging.

And, since I've several new people on the friends list, let's do a "getting to know you" meme. Ask me a question about anything, and I'll answer and ask you one in return; rinse, repeat until it gets boring. (Of course this is open to anyone, new to the flist or not.)
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