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I've been very anti-computer lately. I've still been glancing at the friends list from time to time, but mostly lack the mental energy to comment. Just dealing with various RL issues that are fairly draining. Meh.

I did actually write something, though. Just a drabble, but apparently I'm woefully out of practice with keeping things that short. I did manage to get it down to 250 words, though it took a lot of hacking. The original version I jotted down was nearly twice as long, though not necessarily stronger. There was a bit of fat to be trimmed.

I've been thinking a lot, lately, that I've managed to fall back into the trap of being so ridiculously critical of everything I write that I begin to find it easier just not to write at all. I don't want this to happen, because it snowballs and the last time I dealt with this sort of thing, I did stop writing, completely, for a couple years. When I first started writing Inuyasha fanfic, I was just doing it for the fun of it and it helped me loosen up some. Granted, I am never completely satisfied with anything I write, but it's often said we're our own worst critics. I think I need to focus less on being "perfect" and more on the enjoyment again. This is easier said than done, though. sigh.
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