prpl pen (prpl_pen) wrote,
prpl pen

Eek! The hot water isn't working! The landlord said he's on it; he's supposed to call me right back. The hot water heater is gas powered, so hopefully I don't blow up in the meantime! *runs around flailing wildly*

I should be typing up the drabble I wrote for iyissekiwa, but I can't relax now. Entirely too excitably, and it's probably not a gas leak at all (I can't smell anything), but since the idea is in my head I have to freak out a bit until it's been proven otherwise.

ETA: Okay, no gas leakage. The bad part is that they won't be able to fix it until tomorrow. And I have a doctor's appointment first thing tomorrow morning. If I had a bathtub, this wouldn't be so annoying. I'd just heat up some water on the stove. I really miss having a bathtub. sigh. Well, looks like it'll be a good ol' fashioned sponge bath, unless by some miracle they show up and get the thing fixed before eight. I'm not counting on that.
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