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It just figures.

For a while now, I've been going through a "sick of the computer/internet" phase. This happens to me periodically. Today, however, I actually felt like wasting copious amounts of time online, poking around LiveJournal, to be specific. Catch up with the friends page, etc. So, of course, today when I actually want to be online, my internet connection decides to be difficult. Extremely difficult. As in, it'll connect for a few minutes, then die without warning. Of course when I called the phone company, they'd already closed for the day. sigh. I think it may have actually stabilized now, but that may just be wishful thinking. Grarrr.

1. What is your penname/nom de plume/author name/alias/handle?
prpl pen

2. How did you choose it?
Uhm, well basically because it was my journal name. I picked it as a journal name because:
1) I was trying to start writing again. This was during a point where I hadn't done really any writing at all for at least two years. So, I supposed my thought process was writing=pen.
2) Purple is my favorite color, and I also had in mind a sort of play on the phrase "purple prose". The unusual spelling was so that I could be assured of being able to have it as a name wherever.

3. What fandom(s) do you write for?
Primarily Inuyasha, but I dabble in Bleach, Avatar, FMA, and whatever else catches my fancy.

4. What fic(s) are you currently working on?
- untitled Kikyou/Kagome fic. I've been working on this one on and off forever now.
- "Five Farewells", a Yoruichi/Soi Fong fic for 5_nevers.
- untitled Inuyasha future fic. This started off as an entry for iyfic_contest's "Ten Years in the Future" theme and didn't get finished in time, but I liked the idea so I'm reworking it.
- various request ficlets.

5. What fandom did you start in?

6. What is your deepest darkest fic-writing secret?
I suck at titles? That isn't really a secret though. Uhm, the fact that the first fanfic I ever wrote (back before the internet was common and before I even knew what fanfic was) was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles self-insert in which the Turtles came to my school and hung out with me and my friend Gina. Shut up; I was in 4th grade.

7. Do you have any particular quirks/habits to your writing?
Most of my stuff gets written out by hand, in a designated "writing notebook." Very rarely do I completely compose something at the computer. If I am listening to music, it must be instrumental or vocalization with no lyrics. I am a slow writer.

8. Do you have any fanfiction pet peeves? (Anything that appears in fiction that irritates you, anything at all)
Eh, there are a lot of things that annoy me; I'm kind of picky about quality. Number one annoyance would be self-inserts, though. Hate them. Hate, hate, hate.

9. Do you have an OTP?
Probably not a real OTP. Maybe Elisa/Goliath.

10. If you could get someone to write a fic for you right now, what would it be? (please include fandom, characters, scenario, as much detail as possible)
Well, something I'd love to see done well is a Heavenly Creatures fic dealing with Juliet & Pauline's fantasy worlds and the mixing up of fantasy & reality in their perceptions, with pairings like Diello/Pauline-as-Gina or Pauline-as-Charles/Juliet-as- Deborah. I actually requested this a while ago in fic_on_demand, but nothing has come of it yet. It is rather obscure, I suppose.
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