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I continue to be all-but-completely absent from LJ lately, though no longer by choice. I feel bad that I haven't been able to comment much, too. I did do a bunch of the sketches from the request meme, so once I finish the lot, I'll post them all up. Hopefully that will be sometime this weekend.

Want your own chart? Click here!

Though this is likely to shift around a little week by week, especially as the smaller ones are concerned, because my interest tends to flit very easily from casual fandom to casual fandom. The main ones are pretty steady for now, though. Bleach anime fillers continue to suck (as far as I know, because I haven't bothered to watch the last few yet), but the manga remains awesome. Meanwhile, Inuyasha manga has been more interesting lately, just as my interest was really beginning to slip.

Actually, I've been thinking about this lately. Inuyasha is the first fandom I've been fairly active in since back in my Gargoyles days and one of the big differences between them for me is the fact that while Gargoyles ended abruptly at the end of season two (I refuse to recognize The Goliath Chronicles as canon, blech), with most of the fanfic written concerning "what happens next", the Inuyasha canon is still evolving. Well, honestly, for the longest time when I first got into the fandom, I didn't notice that as much, because the main plot really wasn't advancing much. A lot of it was wrapped up in Tessaiga; and Mouryoumaru never dying, omg; but no really huge developments.

Now, though, it's gaining some momentum again. It's to the point where, if the trend continues, I feel like a few of my ideas and works in progress will no longer fit into canon. Of course I'm not complaining about the plot advancing; it was getting so stagnant and for a while my interest was seriously waning. It's just...I'm not sure how to handle it from the perspective of writing fic. Basically, I dunno if you'd call me a canon nazi, but I don't like to knowingly contradict canon outright (unless it's meant to be an AR, of course). So...I don't really care when I finish something and shortly after canon makes it obsolete, but for works in progress, I get hesitant.

Did that really have a point? I dunno. Just something I've been mulling over lately.
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