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Sketch Meme - Finished!

Lots of images behind the cuts, obviously.

For rhye: Houjou!

For empath_eia: Inu no Taishou

For ariyanaforever: Hanajima Saki

For tarrin4ever: Gluttony...with an ice cream cone.

For haro: Kagome kicking shooting butt.

For numisma: Roze Thomas

For the_firefly: Natsuki (hmm, I think I might know what Shizuru sees in her...I had way too much fun drawing that ass XD)

For lucindathemaid: Hinamori Momo

For lalieth: Ukitake Juushirou

For aoi_tsuki1: Kuchiki Rukia. I love her Shikai. Uhm, I kinda ran off the edge of the paper, though. Yeah, bad planning on my part. *cough*

Yay, I feel productive!
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