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I had a pretty good weekend, since I got to see quite a few of my friends (including some that I see very rarely since they moved to California). I went back to my hometown for the Old Settlers Reunion, which is their little small town summer celebration thingy. Barrett, MN; population ~350. (Yeah, I grew up very rural. I lived on a farm my entire life until I went to college.) I had so much fun during the parade. It's not even a particularly good parade, no fancy floats or anything, but I was helping manage some of the littler kids, and I had a blast running out there with them to pick up the candy that was thrown in the street. I'd point out booty to the 2-year old and shoo away the bigger kids so he got a chance to actually pick some up. Short little legs, you know; can't run as fast. Of course, I did manage to keep a few flavored Tootsie Rolls for myself.

Then there was a dance on Saturday night. I love dances like that. I probably look like a spazoid when I dance, but it's fun. Ha, my calves were sore on Sunday, though. Busted too many moves.

Oh, and I finally saw Cars yesterday. I was kind of feeling like a huge failure as a Pixar fangirl that I took so long to see it. Honestly, the teaser and trailer I saw for it didn't intrigue me much. I couldn't really get excited about it. But it is Pixar, so I had faith it would be better than trailers led me to believe. I did end up really liking it; not their best, but not bad by any means. And I continue to be astouded by their level of animation. My Pixar-love stems first and foremost from their stories and characters, but god damn, their animation is top-notch. I wanted to stare forever at some of the driving scenes, with all the droolworthy landscape and lighting effects.

Heh, I'm a little embarrassed about my last post now, but thank you all so much. Your comments and emails really helped me feel better. ♥
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